Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Wednesday Contest Shoutout

I'm debating about making this a Wednesday feature, where I mention any of the contests I've come across the previous week. What do you think? Is it a good idea, or can you find the contests on your own, and you don't need me to mention them?

Well, until I get your responses, I'm going through with this week. Contests I've come across:

Knitting in the Bellybutton of California has a sock yarn contest for her 100th post. Tell her what you want to make next out of yarn, and/or mention her on your blog.

Beckyknitstoo is having a contest where you tell her about your favorite Halloween costume.

The Knit Witch is having a Halloween Ghost-story telling contest. Tell her about a ghost story of yours and post her contest on your blog.

And of course,
My contest is still going on! Writing a comment will get you an entry. Mentioning the contest in your blog will get you TWO entries, just make sure that in your comment you link back to your blog. Thirdly, if you make a halloween-themed object during this month, leave a link on the comments and you get TWO entires. You can comment as much as you want (if you spam my blog, that will get you disqualified), you can make as many halloween themed stuff as you want.

So what do you think? Do you like the Wednesday Contest Post?


sophanne said...

seems like october is the month for contests! Thanks for mentioning mine.

Kenyetta said...

Thank you for the contest list!

Turtle said...

i always like to see a link to other contests, but whichever is easiest for you!
i made a leaves wreath the other day, it's hanging over the fireplace. May have to doctor it up a bit before photo as it is drying and shriveling a little, lol! got a link to ya!

JC said...

Turtle. Huh. I did link to the contests with the title of the blog... maybe it's not clear enough. The color of the links on my blog is one of the things I think I want to change... but I have to have some time to go investigating the code of my blog, and I haven't had any yet.

Bronwyn said...

Thanks for the list, I love hearing about new contests!

I'm considering having one of my own but first I have to check and see if there's anything decent for me to offer as a prize. I'm trying to figure out a name for my spinning wheel.

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