Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Killer Crochet- literally

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Take a look at this. "Killer hooked on crocheting as a 'small part' of atonement"

According to the article, in this state prison the inmates have learned how to crochet. However, "The scarves, caps and afghans go to charities, but victim advocates discount the inmates' intentions."

Personally, I have to think it's gotta be pretty darn boring in prison, and no matter what their intentions are, if they're doing it for a good cause, nobody should complain. These men meet for three hours a week in the prison recreation room to crochet.

Of course, the crochet hooks get locked up after class is over. Probably a good thing, even if the hooks ARE plastic.

EDIT: Later today I came across a second article. Juvenile offenders start life over with a crochet hook |

Again, I think this is a wonderful idea. When you give a person a purpose- especially one that helps other people, not only are you helping th community, but you're encouraging people to get involved and invested in the community. And there something about watching something beautiful and filled with purpose grown in your hands. That is such a charge.

These youth are in the detention facility for the same reason the inmates above are in jail- attempted murder, murder, arson, gun running, drug sales... and more. They would be felons if they were old enough.

I love the quote one of the boys says, that I think nails this right on the head. "Crocheting makes me feel good," says Timma Johnstone, a pony-tailed, 19-year-old arsonist who burned a field "because I was mad at someone. When you're here you can calm down."

A lot of times, when I'm feeling angry, stressed, or frustrated corcheting is something to grounds me. It's like a simple type of mediation- repetitive movement, and the slowly growing creation. From something as simple as a blanket, to a complicated sweater crocheting teaches discipline. It also teaches persistence- this is one time in life where if you make a mistake, you can just unravel it and start over.

So what do you think? Does it help?

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Because it's just that cool

Go check out Revelry if you haven't yet. It's a great site for those of you yarn lovers out there. It's a mix between a social networking site, a place to brag about your projects, share them with others, catalog the projects you want to do, have done, and really like. It's neat, and even better, it's free!

Right now it's still in the Beta Stage, but still, it's pretty damn cool.

Go take a look.
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