Thursday, 12 February 2009

Busy Times

I've been working on a sculpture in my advance Sculpture class lately. It's a figure, and it has wings and a tail. I'm really struggling with it, both because I've never, ever done anything with the human body, and my understanding of how the human body fills space is rather warped (both because of my own self-image and because in some ways I really don't pay attention to it).

Anyway, the other day I was in a meeting with my professor and I told him that I was so frustrated with the head and arms because I couldn't make them make sense with the rest of the sculpture. I wanted to chop them off.

And he said, "Let's do it then."

In short order he was cutting through metal and I was clutching on to the sculpture for dear life both to hold it up and because taking off the arms and the head seemed so... drastic.

And it was.

But you know what? The sculpture looks better now.

I've been thinking about making changes, and how sometimes it is the shaving away of a little bit of plaster that makes the difference. Those little shavings, when they add up, make the sculpture look a lot better. But each of those shavings is rather easy to do, because it's not that hard to change back.

Sometimes though, you need to make big changes in order for something to make sense. And it can be scary and make you feel vulnerable.

But its worth it when the end result looks better, is better.

It makes more sense.


In other news, I've been crafting a bunch but have been reluctant to take pictures of things. I'll have to soon though, because they are soon going to be given as gifts, and then I won't have any pictures.

I'm going to try to get back into the swing of writing something on the blog every now and then. I was silent for a while, and I'm not going to appologize for it- because this is my space.

It was necessary and now I'm back.


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