Sunday, 2 November 2008

Winner of the Last Week of the October Contest

Congrats, Cristi-Lael, you've won the last week of the contest! You'll be getting some yarn in other goodies in the mail as soon as you get in touch with me. My profile has my e-mail address, or my Ravelry ID is jecrowley. PM me your address!

In other news, my Friday was harrowing, with me: biking to the voting station in NC (quite a distance), waiting in line while trying to finish a paper due at five, finding out that they couldn't take my form of ID for some technicality I didn't register (mostly because I was having difficulty holding myself together until I could get to a bathroom to cry), biking back to campus, getting the necessary paperwork, desperately finding a computer so I could e-mail the essay to my professor, biking back, and finally FINALLY voting.

To top it all off, on the way back an SUV's driver hit the gas instead of the break, and launched himself over an embankment and retaining wall not even a yard in front of me. I do not kid. If I'd been a half second further along in my bikeride, I'm fairly certain that I would not be here typing this. More than likely, my head would have been swiped off (the helment doesn't really protect against an SUV) and my body squished flat, impaled by my crumpled bike.

My life just doesn't stay boring for long.

In better news, I'm alive, I got fiber in the mail and have more on the way, I have a bunch of RAK packages and MY FIRST ETSY sale to send off tomorrow, and the begining of the Mix Makers Swap is starting off without a hitch.

Right now I need to go to dance pratice.

Until later!


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi JC,
I like your blog. Glad you are on Etsy too.
You made it under the wire. You have been entered in the fiber giveaway. I was just putting the names in a box and getting ready to draw one. I decided to check to see if anyone else had entered.
I'll post the winner soon.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jen! said...

JC, that is TERRIFYING!! At least you got to vote, though; there's a good chance my ballot won't come in time. :o(

Cristi-Lael said...

Wow, kudos to you for going through all that in order to vote! Many people would have just given up!

PS- I cannot wait for my prize! I'm so excited, I never win anything. I PM'd you on Ravelry with my address.

Turtle said...

glad to hear you missed being impaled by the suv, the day sounds good and productive otherwise!

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