Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Wednesday Contest Shoutout

Weblog Wannabe is having a comments contest for the month of November in honor of NaNoWriMo. It takes a bit of work (10 comments during the month) but you get five prints... so not bad at all!

GROSGRAIN MINI STORE OPENING NOVEMBER 6!!!! AND BIG PREVIEW GIVEAWAY!!!! (sorry, she created that line, and I like her excitement so I'm leaving it here)

Down Abbie's Road is having a contest for an old Victorian doll reproduction. She's quite beautiful.

The Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts is having a comments contest that correlates with her being drawn into the fiber world. It only gets worse.

Theknittyvritti is having a voting contest for the favorite finished project she's done this year. Go over and vote!


Anonymous said...

Um...worse? Worse in a good way? :-)

Jen! said...

More like worse in a what-happened-to-my-wallet way. ;o)

JC said...


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