Sunday, 14 September 2008

Firefly Shawl

Originally uploaded by jenamberautumn
So I told you that I had a bit of a surprise. Last Wednesday I was supposed to be doing homework, but I was really thinking about how I couldn't find a pattern for a shawl that I liked. I wanted something that hinted leaves, but all of the shawls I saw either had leaf patterns, but were too "airy" (I wanted something a little more solid) or they were solid, but didn't hint at leaves the way I wanted.

So I picked up some spare ty-dy that I had from another project and started crocheting my own pattern. After several stops and starts, and a fair amount of frogging, I came up with something I like. This is just a glimpse of the finished project.

I decided to name the shawl "Firefly" in honor of Wash from Firefly and Serenity, a television show and movie.

Now I'm taking the pattern to make another shawl, a bit bigger, to see how the pattern would fare with another yarn. I'll post my progress in a bit.


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