Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Real Men Crochet

YouTube - Boise State's Ian Johnson on ESPN Gameday

I came across this video recently. What a refreshing look on crochet. I'm always excited when I see men who are able to do textile stuff- be it crochet, knitting or something else. It used to be that kitting was something all men knew how to do 200 years ago- how else were they susposed to get socks? I think it's unfortunate that now it's considered a 'girl thing.' When men do something like this to shake up the gender image, or just because they love it, they should get some kuddos.

However, looking up on it more I found out something very disheartening.

Boise State Broncos: The Familiar Story Of The Oppressed Crocheting Running Back With The Collapsed Lung

Apparently Ian Johnson isn't allowed to sell his scarves, hats or other crocheted items, even if he gives them to charity.

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I suppose it makes sense, seeing at as his popularity increases they didn't want trouble forming, but at the same time it's a pity when someone does something unusual that it gets nipped in the bud.

What do you think? Should he be able to sell his beanies? Or is it too much of a liability?


OhAmyKP said...

I know what you mean. I get a fuzzy feeling when I come across guy crochet/Knitting sites. Thanks for that...he was some yummy yummy Eye candy. I want a BF like that.

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