Friday, 5 October 2007

Angsty Crochet

Ok, so it really isn't that angsty, but sometimes you don't want a sweater in bright colors, or you have a friend that is more of the... Goth persuasion. Or maybe Emo. (Though my understanding of Emo is a little less clear so don't quote me on that)

Still, there isn't that much out there. After digging quite a bit, I came up with these helpful resources for your viewing pleasure.

Anticraft. This site is quite wonderful, and they recently put out a book to go along with the site. While not all crochet or knit (they have some really great crafts too) it's full of dark colored clothing and spiderwebs. My favorite function about this site is how knowledgeable they are about their craft. While the knitting I do tends to be quite secondary to my crochet, they know what their talking about. Their magazine they put out is always full of some great ideas to spur your imagination. Also, they are sympathetic to people of the more generous persuasion, so they always note when a pattern is good for different body types.

Rather unrelated, but still great, there is in Utah a Goth Crochet Club. You can adopt bats. It's worth going to check out, even if you don't live in Utah.

Ok, and I totally admit it, this is rather off topic (though not REALLY) but here's a great pattern for a mini boa. *drools* Boas.


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